Daniel Guerand, Mechanical Engineer, PE, CEO

Daniel Guerand is mechanical engineer who received his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006. Since graduating he has worked in the print and imaging industry for sixteen years. In that time period his focus has been primarily on drivetrain design, specifically with fine pitch plastic and metal gears. He has developed multiple drivetrains from the ground up, taking them from blank sheet to production.  While drivetrain is Daniel’s passion, he also spends a lot of his time working in other engineering disciplines such as computer programming and embedded systems.  Below are some more of Daniel’s passions.

Designing gearboxes – I love everything about gears.  The different types, the math, the geometry, and the art of creating an entire geartrain.  Before GaliGear, I would design gearboxes on the side just for fun.  

Lego Bricks – Although I don’t build them anymore, when I was a kid, I would sit up in my room for hours on end building Lego sets.  I think they are the best product ever designed to get kids thinking, analyzing drawings and using their hands to build and create. 

System Interactions – I studied mechanical engineering in college but it wasn’t enough for me.  I love all disciplines of engineering.  I program in multiple languages and practice electrical engineering when I can.  The way the disciplines interact with each other to make something move and react is amazing.

Astronomy – It’s more of an interest than anything else but I love to read about the planets, the solar system, and the universe.  I also have a telescope that I use frequently.

Teaching – I love to teach and pass on what I’ve learned over the years.  Before dedicating most of my free time to GaliGear, I tutored math at a place in Lexington, KY called the Carnegie Learning Center.  It truly feels good to help kids out who need it.  And one of the things I learned was just how different kids are when it comes to how they learn.  Every student is different, and you have to adapt your teaching style accordingly.