Press Release 11/09/22

Press Release

November 4, 2022, Lexington, Kentucky – GaliGear, the revolutionary new interactive learning tool that encourages creativity in science and engineering,
is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Galileo once famously said that ‘Curiosity is the key to problem solving.’ It is in this same spirit that GaliGear is hoping to inspire
creativity in science and unlock the imagination of children with an interactive space model that blends various disciplines of
engineering. From building to observation, GaliGear is a stimulating learning tool that will keep kids curious and engaged.

“We envision GaliGear as being an interactive learning tool that will encourage kids to explore their creativity and the incredible world of science and
engineering,” says founder and CEO Daniel Guerand on the inspiration behind the project. “GaliGear exposes kids to various topics in science and
engineering, shows them how different mechanical devices, electrical devices, and code work together to make something move and react, and helps them
discover their passions.”At its core, GaliGear is an electro-mechanical model of the earth, sun, and moon. Kids will use their hands to build and create, learn how to interpret
drawings and assembly instructions, and discover how things work, all while having fun doing it! Once complete, GaliGear will give kids a sense of
accomplishment and show them that learning can be fun and exciting. Using a patented lighting system, the seventy-two LED’s make the sun on the model
appear fluid and alive. Kids will be able to see and understand why the earth has seasons, why we have night and day, why eclipses occur and why the moon
has phases. GaliGear is a moving display utilizing highly accurate orbital characteristics of the earth and moon, while also showing how they revolve
around the sun.“GaliGear takes a different approach to learning than most other solutions on the market. It’s not just about building it and watching it work. It’s learning
about what you are building as you build it. This leads to questions and discussion about each topic introduced. Every component in GaliGear is a new
world to explore,” adds Guerand. “I believe in GaliGear, and believe it will bring great value to teachers, tutors, parents, and, most importantly, kids.”

GaliGear is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About GaliGear

The GaliGear Project is a team of engineers who have decades of experience in new product development and bringing
new products to market. All of us have a passion for science and engineering.

GaliGear is being developed and managed under Engineering Drive Solutions, LLC.
For more information on GaliGear, please visit
For more information on Engineering Drive Solutions, LLC, please visit
Daniel Guerand can be reached by phone at (859) 208-6259, or email at

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